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    These courses are designed to assist students that need to take and pass the ARRT Limited Scope of Practice in Radiography Examination. Many states require limited x-ray machine operators to take and pass some or all of the modules of the Limited Scope of Practice Exam. Some states have additional minimum requirements to complete before issuing a limited license in radiology. Our REO courses are not approved by any state for their certification or license requirements.  Some require an educational program and some require actual hands-on clinical practice. Most states have limited the regions of the human anatomy you can x-ray with a limited machine operator's license. Check with your state agency that oversees x-ray rules and regulations. Know what your requirements are before you start any program. Rules vary from state to state. A few states have no rules.

    State Required Exam

    The states that require the passage of an exam are usually contracted with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) to write and administer the exams for them. Each state sets its passing grade and the modules that you are required to pass. The state agency that oversees these rules will have a process for applying for the exam. Many designate an examination processing center to handle the applications. All test results are sent directly to the agency that handles the application process.

    ARRT Limited Exam

    Currently, ARRT issues exams for many states requiring passage of the exam for licensing. This licensing exam, designed and administered by ARRT but offered by states for state licensing purposes, is built around a core of 100 test questions that cover radiation protection, image production and evaluation, patient care and education, and equipment operation and quality control. Additional optional modules are offered for specific categories of licensing: chest, extremities, skull/sinuses, spine, podiatric, and bone densitometry.

    The ARRT limited practice exam is computerized and given in testing centers in every state. All approved candidates take the core module and at least one of the radiographic procedures modules. Detailed content specifications are available online and in the ARRT exam handbook that is sent to each applicant.

    Click this link to find out more about state licensing requirements for each state: State Licensing

    REO Program

    Our program introduces you to the material listed in the content specifications for the limited scope of practice in radiography examination for each of the modules.  You have access to your enrolled courses 24/7. Each course consists of reading material, chapter quizzes, points to remember from the chapter, flashcards, and review exams. The chapter quizzes are untimed, open-book assessments.

    After you complete a course, an exit exam is given covering all material in that course. This exam is a timed closed-book exam. The passing score is 75%. If you do not score 75% on the exit exam, a second exam is given after a period of review.

    Each course has review exams available to help you study for your ARRT Limited Examination.

    1. To be successful on the limited scope of practice exam takes a lot of time and effort on your part.
    2. You need to study consistently between your course and your exam date.
    3. Continue to take the Review Exams over and over - using your test-taking skills with each test, as though each time is the state board.
    4. Test as soon as possible after you complete the course.
    5.  We offer you all the information you need to pass your state boards, to help you understand enough about radiographs to produce the desired results, and to teach you how to give better patient care.

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